Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Electric...

Homeowners are allowed to do their own electrical work! Good times. After I stretched out 7 different 60' lengths of wires and bundled them together...we (and I mean Tim) immediately got them all tangled pulling them through the PVC. It was a free half hour marriage counseling session trying to work it all out. Tim will be doing the fussy finish work today of fitting all the PVC connectors together on the house end and getting the wires into the basement.

Another Gas company is coming today since the first company hasn't been very responsive. We (and I mean Tim) need to dig another ditch for the propane line before the ground really freezes - and that means soon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Tim and I have to actually leave the house in order to stop working on the kiln project - or the many other things we are trying to wrap up before winter. So - we took the opportunity to celebrate our 5 year anniversary on this fabulous fall weekend. We went up to Portsmouth NH and then back to Northfield MA and Brattleboro VT. It felt great to get away for a few days.

Back at the Hilton Compound...we have so much to finish in these next few weeks. The ditch for the electrical conduit is ready for wiring and we need to purchase different wires for underground use - and different PVC for the expanse under the driveway. The Wiring Inspector for the Town of Greenfield stopped by last week to educate me on all the things I don't know about wiring. Which is a lot. I've also been learning about Metalbestos double walled pipe for the kiln chimney where the pipe needs to pass through the roof...but I need to do a little more research on that before I buy ($$$). The shed itself is nearly done and painted - just another afternoon to finish that up.

One more ditch for Tim to dig for the coming propane line - and we want to be sure to get that done before the ground is frozen.

Meanwhile, October and November are the busiest times in my studio - getting ready for several Holiday shows and sales...so must get to glazing!