Thursday, October 21, 2010

cone 10 down - 7th glaze firing

After a weekend glazing marathon I loaded the kiln yesterday morning before work, came home after work and lit the pilots at 9pm - woke up today and fired til 6:25pm. I usually haven't candled the kiln overnight - simply because I don't sleep well when I'm worrying a pilot might blow out. But I wanted to move the kiln along today so my new apprentice Amy could experience much of the firing.

It was a wild ride - with a brief power outage (I have forced air burners) and a 20 minute hail storm - but the kiln chugged right a long and I will look forward to unloading her on Saturday.

This was my perch for most of the day - watching the sky and staying tuned in to the kiln. I am firing with more confidence each time.


Kings Creek Pottery said...

Your kiln shed is beautiful! Glad the storm did not slow you down :)

Spandi said...

Awesome! Great! Faboo!