Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hunting and gathering

I am SO excited. Tim and I went hunting today for winter berries and it was the first time I've found some. Every year before my holiday open house I gather greens, hemlock, pine, holly...and usually buy some winter berries from a florist. Tim and I found a swampy area with plenty for our display. It was a nice break in this beautiful 50 degree day...from the glazing marathon I've been running. By Tuesday I will have fired 5 kilns in 7 days...tonight is the fourth electric firing this week...two bisques, two glaze loads...and Tuesday will be the next firing of the gas kiln. I will unload the pots Thursday and load them into the car - warm and ready for our show. Join us in Wakefield for our 9th annual Deep Blue holiday open house with friends Marianne Snow and Mary Taggart. Saturday, December 5th from 10am-4pm. 4 Salem Street, Wakefield, MA.

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